As many 168 people on board a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai had a narrow escape after the tail of the aircraft hit the runway on landing at the Dhaka International airport last week, prompting the airline to take the pilots concerned off duty.

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The B737-800 aircraft has been grounded and a team from Boeing company is expected to visit Dhaka to assess the extent of damage to the plane while engineers from Jet Airways has already started the assessment, sources said.

The incident, which happened on January 22, has been reported to aviation regulator DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

DGCA sources said Bangladesh's aviation authorities are expected to investigate the incident since it happened in Dhaka.

According to them, if the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Bangladesh, which is the country's aviation regulatory body, decides not to probe the incident, then AAIB may take up the investigation.

When contacted, Jet Airways confirmed the "tail strike" incident.

The flight 9W-276 from Mumbai to Dhaka had 160 guests and eight crew members when it had a "tail strike" on landing at Dhaka airport on January 22. There were no injuries to guests or crew, all of whom deplaned safely, the airline said.

In a detailed statement, Jet Airways also said the crew of the flight has been placed off roster in order to assist with the investigation as a standard practice.

The aircraft, B737-800, is currently being inspected by the Jet Airways' engineering team at Dhaka before it is brought back for routine operations.

Aircraft Accident investigation Bureau (AAIB), which comes under the Civil Aviation Ministry, is the apex body for probing accidents, serious incidents involving Indian aircraft.

Further, Jet Airways said it continues to offer all cooperation to support the investigation in its aircraft incident.