Nobody ever said that life would exactly turn out the way you hoped. Or that it would be a bed of roses. Struggles and hardships are a part of everyone's lives. 

But some of us think our lives our tough despite having it easy. And then there are some who, despite a physical disability, go on to win marathons. Their story of valiance speaks for itself. These moments captured from their lives will make you stand up and learn a thing or two about life.

1. India's "blade runner!"

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2. Goal, set, go!


3. When you let nothing stop you!


4. Just look at that perfection!


5. A paralympic swimmer who just refused to give up!

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6. He had faith, and that became his strength!

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7. Bird's eye view!

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8. Life dared him, so he dared it back.

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9. She learnt colours and shades, and the rest really did not matter!

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10. What's your excuse?

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11. The winning smile!

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12. Focused eyes seek no pity!

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13. He makes struggle look effortless!

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14. Aim for higher, always!

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15. The trick is to not lose your target!

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16. Victory roar!

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17. Reminds of Eminem's 'Not Afraid', doesn't it?

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18. They became their own hero!

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19. Fight like there's no tomorrow! 

20. And last but not the least; Stephen Hawking, a synonym for inspiration!

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Make the day worth it, for the world is a tireless scuffle for many.

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