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Jan 29, 2017 at 11:58

Brace Yourselves For 25 Photos That Will Make You Uncomfortable AF Just By Looking At Them

by Sandeep Singh

Our mind is a really beautiful thing, it works in its own way. Often we just can't figure out why a simple image we saw on the Internet is making us uncomfortable but you really can't help it. While others might forget it in a while, but, if you have an OCD, god bless you!

The folks at Bored Panda compiled a list of such uncomfortable photos from the internet and we handpicked the best ones for your day-nightmares. Take a look.

1. "Arey beta, ghar kyu nahi aate?"

"Pehle apna darwaza change karwao."


2. "I ain't cleaning that up."


3. Here's a budget waterfall.


4. How can he live with that much torture on his eye every day?  


5. I am sure every constipated human can take a dump, the very moment he hears the elevator beep. 


6. No, thank you, I will just take the stairs. 


7. Can they stop making such creepy soap bars?


8. Never share the same toothpaste with a 4-year-old or engineering bachelor. 


9. Great, now I have wet hands and tissue paper crumbs on my hand.


10. Exactly what desi parents see when we put something fragile in the middle of the table. 


11. As if dentists aren't creepy enough without the mask on.



12. Can't. Eat. This.


13. This scares me more than the Bermuda Triangle. 


14. When your earphones are still tangled but you know you don't have enough time as the journey is only of 28 hours!


15. Cracking a joke without offending anyone in 2017.


16. This is nothing less than Saving Private Ryan.


17. When you want people to stop but without being too cocky.


18. I grew up with this struggle everyday.


19. Hrithik Roshan's Gmail looks lit AF.


20. "Let's go to the bowling alley today."

"I want to be in a realistic ambience while I play it on my iPad."


21. Photographer: So, you have to pretend that you are soldering this circuit. I want intensity!

Model: But, I don't know how it wor...

Photographer: *Click* Done.


22. Inception in college book covers.


23. Sharma Ji ka beta.


24. The guy who made this must hate humans a lot.


25. When you are putting up tiles in your ex's house. 


There, there, relax, have a glass of water or something. 


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