If you're having a rough start to your day, or just feeling lost in your career, look at these hilarious job fails and say to yourself: "At least, I'm not this guy".

1. When the intent is right but your soul disagrees.

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2. When you assign your job to the minions.

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3. When the news channel decided to assault the assaulter's name.

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4. Peekapoo it seems!

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5. That's how kids be rollin' these days.

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6. The sale of sales that slaeys em' all.

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7. When someone says "creativity has no wrong or right".

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8. When the designer could not hide his feelings about brown kids.

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9. But grandma doesn't like the taste of it!

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10. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a DC fan are you?

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11. Exits that leave you traumatised.

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12. When you want to be an early riser at your convenience.

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13. Dog lovers disapprove!

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14. We don't need no EDUCATION!

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15. Cash me outside on a higher note.

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 16. When you ask an overachiever to plan a quiz.

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 17. When you're targeting a very niche audience.

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 18. Your crush giving you mixed signals be like.

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 19. Products responsible for lactose intolerance.

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 20. The designer should know that the (o)anus is on him.

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 21. Reasons why I have insomnia.

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 22. Help me understand before leading.

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 23. Practice your skills, maybe?

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 24. The stairway to nowhere.

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 25. Products that make your dog contemplate about being on the wrong end of the leash.

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26. Before you catch em' all, please EAR me out!

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27. The missing letters are Killing Me Softly

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 28. Too much for infinity and beyond.

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 29. When the idea of washing yourself goes too far.

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 30. The window with a broken soul.

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Yup, we feel your emotional turmoil at the moment.