We undeniably live in a man's world. But every now and then comes along a woman that'd put any man to shame with her sheer badassery. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova was one such woman.

This day, 53 years ago, was an important day for women everywhere. It marked the first woman's flight into space ever. That woman was Valentina - and she paved the way for female astronauts everywhere.

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Tereshkova was a civilian and an amateur parachuter who applied to be a part of the Soviet space program. The space program was looking for people with parachuting experience because cosmonauts had to parachute into the Earth's atmosphere upon their return.

Chosen from among over 400 applicants, Valentina was one of five finalists meant to pilot Vostok VI to complete 48 orbits of the Earth in three days.

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Tereshkova had no experience as a pilot, so upon selection, she trained rigorously for eighteen months. In order to join the Cosmonaut Corps, she was recruited as an honorary Soviet Air Force officer. Her colleague, Yuri Gagarin spoke greatly of her dedication to the mission:

"It was hard for her to master rocket techniques, study spaceship designs and equipment, but she tackled the job stubbornly and devoted much of her own time to study, poring over books and notes in the evening."
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Before her recruitment as a cosmonaut, Valentina worked first as an apprentice at a tire factory and later as a loom operator in a cotton mill alongside her mother and sister.

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After the dissolution of this group of astronauts in 1969, she joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and held various political offices. She's still considered as a hero in post-soviet Russia.

A champion to equality for women, Valentina Tereshkova still serves as a model not only for the women of her native country, but for women throughout the world who wish to strive for new goals.

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She certainly belongs among the ranks of the ladies that showed womankind the way of the future. We salute, you, Valentina. Even 53 years later, you are an inspiration to us all.

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