As a well-meaning Indian who thrives on copious amounts of rajma chawal and chicken tikka, it seemed like beans, rice and meat couldn't get any better for me. I was wrong, so painfully wrong. One bite into a taco and I was spasming from the sheer magnitude of flavours dancing in my mouth. Now a taco in itself is mucho delicioso with all the tasty ingredients in there, but the decadence is not just in the taste, but in the way it looks as well. So to tantalize your taste buds even further, I present an unholy gallery of sinful taco pictures. One look and you'll need a bunch of tissues to wipe off that... drool! 

1. This Crispy Potaco that uses golden hash browns for the shell and puts heaven on a plate.

Someone call the emergency services, I think my heart just stopped!

2. This Naked Chicken Taco that took the crispy chicken to sinful new heights!

Look at that crunchy chicken shell, tempting us all to hell! (hey, that rhymed!)

3. ...and this Cheesy Double Decker Taco that is twice the fun for the price of one. 

Excuse me Taco Bell! I'd like a million of these, muchas gracias!

4. This Crayfish Taco that is making us go legit cray-cray...

Why Taco Bell why? Why is this only available in China? *sobs*

5. Crispy Chicken Taco that has the softest shell + the crispiest chicken = the bane of my existence! 

Seriously though, who needs love when you can have tacos?

6. This freakin' Chalupa that is hot, cool, crispy and soft all in one bite.

I want to bend it over sideways, bite the hell out of it and let it all crumble all over me.

7. This Weekend Taco Party platter that should already be in my belly, but somehow... isn't!

Believe me, I can devour a platter of 10 tacos and 4 large Pepsi without even flinching.

Taco 'bout hunger pangs, right? Such is the power of Tacos that when you're not eating one, you're craving one. Thanks to Taco Bell, I can simply head there and eat my weight in tortilla, beans and meat. Plus with their wide selection and array of flavours, choosing just one to gorge on will easily become life's most pressing issue. So why choose one, when you can have 'em all, eh? Know all about their spread here.