If you look into the eyes of any Indian these days, the ghosts of endless queues of people, sweating it out in the dust, expecting to exchange notes at the bank will haunt you. In fact, ever since 500 and 1000 rupee notes ceased to be legal tenders, it seems all our lives have been reduced to waiting for the heavenly gates of the ‘cash temple’ to open and the cash exchange God to shower us with his blessings. It’s not a fun task, I admit.

Yet, there are many who are coming forward and helping those spending their days out in the dust, simply because they care. Given the recent rush at ATMs and Banks, 7UP (PepsiCo) has been distributing free samples of 7UP Revive to help the people waiting in line keep themselves hydrated, thus making the painful task a helluva lot bearable. The activity, happening full gear across the country, has been received positively by people all over.

Source: b'Image Courtesy: 7UP'
Source: b'Image Courtesy: 7UP'
Source: b'Image Source: 7UP'
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Kudos, guys!