Literary vandalism is not uncommon to the history of man. Great works of art and literature have been lost to us forever when wars broke out and libraries and manuscripts were burnt down to the ground. Books have also been destroyed in the quest to 'protect' the human race from works so scandalous, they would have totally changed the way we perceive existence. Here are a list of works we'll never see again as we have lost them to history.

1. The Gospel of Eve by Anonymous

Why is it important: This book is said to be a documentation of the most sexually perverse acts possible, it's supposedly a lost text from the New Testament Apocrypha. 

Why you'll never read it: Saint Epiphanius had this book banned and burnt by the church and its practitioners banished. The Gospel was followed by gnostics who were lashed out against for practicing coitus interruptus, free love and eating semen, things that would have of course shaken the foundation of celibacy that the Christian Church thrives on. Whatever we know of it comes from a letter of Epiphanius and other citations of the book in various passages.

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2. On Sphere-Making By Archimedes

Why is it important: This book would have probably helped solve many a riddle that the Greeks left behind. It is said to be a guide to how various inventions of the Greek world worked. More than anything, it was a document written down by one of the greatest minds in history, Archimedes. 

Why you'll never read it: When the Romans invaded Greece and set fire to the immense Library of Alexandria, copies of this book, along with many other great ones we don't even know exist, were burnt to ashes.

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3. The 'Rare Books' wing at the 'House of Wisdom'

Why is it important: The Grand Library of Baghdad was also known as the Library of Congress during the 13th century. It was the biggest one in the world and housed books from the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and (hold your breath) it had the oldest written books from three continents preserved within it. 

Why you'll never read it: We will never be seeing any of these because the Mongols invaded Baghdad and threw the books into the river Tigris. The water in the river ran black for 6 months afterwards.

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4. Ab Urbe Condita Libri by Livy

Why is it important: A history of Rome beginning from the ancient Trojan godfathers to the kingdom of Ceaser Augustus, which happened eight hundred years later, all documented in a single text. Whatever we know of it is what introduced Italy to the Renaissance, a movement that changed the course of art and literature throughout the world. It's said to have been a staggering 142 volumes, and we'll never know the mysteries of Rome that those lost pages carried. 

Why you'll never read it: The invaluable nature of the book was realized over a thousand years after the fall of the Roman empire, and the text had suffered the ravages of time before Europe realized that old things might have great value. 

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5. The Half Life's Work Of Nikola Tesla

Why is it important: The Serbian - American inventor whom we owe the current electricity supply system to had truck loads of inventions where he lived in New York. The unified field theory, something the scientists have not been able to crack till date is something he is said to have nailed in the year 1894. 

Why you'll never read it: A suspicious fire broke out in the basement of his apartment, which brought down his entire lab and half of his life's works. Things we will not see ever again.

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6. Hemocrates by Plato

Why is it important: So, the first two books by Plato on unified field theory are Timaeus and Critias and are known to be seminal works by a great mind. But, there is also supposed to be a third book in the series which discusses how the universe happened. It could also carry the answers to the legendary theory of the island of Atlantis which sank in the ocean for no known reason. 

Why you'll never read it: Many even say that the book may lead the way to the Island, but nobody seems to know where to find this brilliant document.

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7. The remaining Epic Cycles by various authors

Why is it important: Most of you all are probably familiar with The Odyssey and The Illiad, but the Great War of Troy was way too grand to just fit into two books. Which is exactly why the number of books that document it are not two, but eight. 

Why you'll never read it: The reason why we might never ever lay our hands on the rest is because it was too late before people realized they should have more than just one copy for reference, which is why these two texts are the only ones that have stood the test of natural elements and time. The only awareness we have of their existence is their reference in the other works of literature of the time. Knowing the massive impact that the two pieces have already had on literature, not knowing all eight of them is a sure killjoy.

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8. The Book of the Wars of the Lord

Why is it important: We do not know who the author is, when it was written, or if a single copy still exists. It has been mentioned in the Book of Numbers in the Bible in chapter 21. Another reference to it is allegedly the command given by God to Moses to record the military victory of Amalekites, to be later recounted to his successors.

 Why you'll never read it: The Book is never named, though. If such a book did exist, and holds the records of all the wars since the initial beginnings of Christianity, my god...what have we lost!

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If we think that it's the 21st century that's at the pinnacle of advancement, let's not fool ourselves. Things that are waiting to be discovered by us were probably part of these great works. If anything, we are a few centuries behind where we were supposed to be, thanks to all the loss incurred.