Each year, there comes a month that blesses us with more than one long weekend. Awesome, right? I mean a single long weekend is more than enough, two of them definitely seem like a scene from inception; unreal. Well, August is making it seem otherwise, with two back to back long weekends - people are going insane. Half of those insane people plan, execute, and share their trip on social media while the other half just makes plans that never get executed. The only thing shared among these prospective trippers are - allegations. If you belong to the second set of people, you might as well relate to the following stages of planning a trip on a long weekend:

1. Getting Wayyyy Too Excited About The Trip

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As soon as you realize that a long weekend is coming up, there’s an explosion of thoughts in your mind which is coupled with increased heart rate, mostly due to euphoria. Weeks, before you start contemplating about your itinerary and them feels, basically, in your head you’ve already hit the road. You start dreaming about looking out of the car window, trying to find that cinematic moment of peace.

2. Filtering Prospective Co-Travellers

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This is the most important step as you don’t want to take along any such friend who is a buzzkill. Trips are meant to get rid of the stress, not to pile some more on it!

3. Making A WhatsApp Group, Cus Hello?

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As soon as you have made up your mind, the next step is to make a WhatsApp group that generally has words like Goa or Kasol in it. And, instead of discussing, you declare the destination. Not like you’re not considerate, rather the spontaneous one among the pack. ZNMD, yo!

4. Facing Downright Rejections

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Minutes after you have laid out your master plan, the notifications that are expected to carry good news from your buddies show a different story. A story of 50% of the people exiting the group. The excuses? Well, mostly the ones they gave when you were planning the previous long weekend. 

5. Promising To Fund The Trip For The Broke Buddies

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Now, a few friends do rise to the occasion but they come with the same drawback as ever, finances. For once, you get ready to forget all the money they already owe you and add some more bills to the tab. 

6. Contemplating A Solo Trip 

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Turns out, you're not that rich yet and it's not a house party you had to fund. Eventually, you lose all the hopes and decide to go solo. I mean who needs friends to have fun, right? Wait, we all do.

7. Having That Compensatory Party 

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You had a great trip planned, where you'd chill with your friends in the most picturesque places ever and now that's not happening - the most you do is to unwillingly party so that your zeal as an outgoing person is lived up to. 

8. Taking Long Walks To The Fridge

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Ultimately, it’s just you, web-series, and long walks to the fridge that always prove rewarding.

We get it though, there are so many errands and laundry piled on and these are the only days you take care of it. But for once, think about how such long weekends are a rare phenomenon. Instead of making excuses and turning down friends, forget everything and rather #MakeItHappen. As far as safe and efficient traveling is concerned? OLA Outstation has got you covered. Available in 75+ cities, Ola Outstation can either be pre booked or you can also make those last minute getaways that are safeguarded by real time tracking, a 24*7 support, and on-road assistance. Also, if you book an Ola Outstation using the code TRAVEL300, you get an initial discount of INR 300.

So, you go ahead, make that group and go get em, tiger!

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