Let's be honest, you are reading this lovely piece for 2 simple reasons: One, you have a fine taste in spirits or; Two, you're planning to host a kickass party and need ideas to keep your posse & peers entertained. And in both the cases, there's no better way to keep everyone on their toes than with some fun drinking games. So instead of just serving small talk & finger food along with the drinks, remember to include these easy and, might I say, genius drinking games in your next bash to really get the party started. 

1. The '5 reasons I shouldn't be' challenge

2. The 'shots' hour

Switch on your TV to any news channel debate. Prepare your Magic Moments Heady shots & take a sip every time someone takes the anchor's name. Take the entire shot when the anchor interrupts the speaker. By the look of things, it will be one unforgettable night!

3. 'Dice' things up

A little guesswork when you're tipsy is no big deal, right? Wrong! It's harder than you think. Roll a dice and have people guess the number it will land on. If they get it wrong, they must take a shot. Things will work especially well with Magic Moments Vodka shots. Experts at ScoopWhoop believe that this is the quickest way for everyone to reach their "happy" place. 


4. Musical vodka shots

What was an innocent game of musical chairs in our childhood, now has a grown up kick to it and we cannot be more excited! Let the music play and pass a single shot of Magic Moment Vodka around. The player who happens to be holding the glass when the music stops takes a shot. After a few rounds of this game, things are bound to get pretty hilarious. 


5. Game of cards

A deck of playing cards, fine spirits and some friends with questionable guessing skills is all you need to make this game work. Pull out a card and ask everyone to guess if your card has an odd or even number on it, or ask them to guess whether it is a King or Queen card. The ones who guess incorrectly must take a shot of Magic Moments Vodka. Easy-peasy! 

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6. The 'minute to win it' challenge

So how many shots can you handle in a minute? This game will put it to the test. Challenge an opponent to empty as many shots of Magic Moments Vodka in under 60 seconds. The last one standing in this game is the ultimate MVP! Do you have what it takes?

7. Down the dirty pint

A party without chugging down an entire pint on demand is no party at all! CAUTION: This game can get outrageously fun! Mix all the flavours of Magic Moments Remix Vodka in a communal pint or jug. Then flip a coin and have someone call it. If they guess incorrectly, they must down the dirty pint. Refill & repeat till only the winner is left standing!

8. The witch's brew

Get a glass of your favourite Magic Moments Vodka for this. The game works best if you use Magic Moments Remix Vodka flavours like Green Apple, Raspberry, Lemongrass and Ginger etc.The player is presented with a mystery drink that contains wacky ingredients like chocolate powder, mustard sauce, mayonnaise & chips. If they manage to stomach the witch's brew, then everyone else does a shot, if they can't then they better chug a shot of Magic Moments Vodka quickly!  

9. Bamboozled

All you 'Friends' fans will love this game! A rapid fire round of questions is already a hoot, now add some one-legged skipping to it and you're in for a spectacular night. Players get 5 seconds to answer simple yes-no based questions. With each correct answer, players have to switch legs and continue hopping. If they answer incorrectly or forget to switch legs, or run out of time, they must take a shot of Magic Moments Vodka. Best game ever, amirite?


Give these good ol' games a try and party like a boss! 

P.S. Shine on & remember to drink responsibly, you crazy diamond! 

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