We all love to collect. While some of us collect to preserve memories (remember your grandad’s classy watch), some of us just collect for the fun of collecting things. That said, both of these things require an undying passion. In simple words, you can’t be a slacker or a procrastinator, you need to have a certain level of enthusiasm to turn this habit into a hobby.

Check out these 9 amazingly cool things you can start collecting right now to kickstart your hobby and get into the #Don'tStopCollecting mode.

1. Different types of antique keys.

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These intricate and unique keys made up of steel and metal can be a collector’s favourite. Not only do they stand the test of time, they are inexpensive and also make for some really instagrammable photographs.

2. Rocks and crystal clusters.

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You might think that I’m kidding, but I’m not. One can collect different types of rocks and crystal clusters. You can start with collecting basic sandstones and limestones and gradually move on to finding volcanic glass as well. Not just this, you can even get your hands on a start-up kit that helps you in identifying different types of rocks.

3. Model sets of trains.

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This one can be a seriously addictive hobby and is certain to bring back memories of your childhood. What's more, these trains are easily available online! However, it makes sense if you take the time out and travel to different parts of the world and collect them in person.

4. Vintage barware.

Source: Jonathanadler

Apart from these being really cool things to collect, they are quite functional as well. I mean, just think of the panache a set of vintage glass tumblers will add to your next house party. 

5. Two words: Action figures. 

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Who can forget the happiness that engulfed us when we used to get our hands on our favourite action figures? So now that you can earn for yourself and there's no one (read: parents) to stop you, it's time you go the whole hog in building your collection.

6. Snow globes.

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You know what's even more magical than a snow globe? An entire-freaking-collection of snow globes!

7. Ancient Greek and Roman coins.

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Made of silver and brass, these coins have the potential to become a wonderful and a special collection.

8. Vinyls of evergreen bands.

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From the Sex Pistols to the Beatles, you can go all out in collecting vinyl of evergreen bands. What's more, just buy a good vintage vinyl player and you can have your very own private concert, right at home. 

9. CDs and DVDs of TV shows and movies.

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Yes, they are outdated tech, but it still should not stop you from collecting CDs and DVDs of your favourite shows and movies. Having them on your shelf will serve as a constant reminder of all the good memories attached to them. 

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