When they say, "home is where the heart is," they don't really lie. Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of coming home to your wonderful little pad and unwinding with a cup of tea in hand. And when you look around, surveying your kingdom of luxury, every little corner, every curio becomes a reflection of your personality. So why not shake things up a bit and make your home look truly interesting. Sometimes, even a change as seemingly small as changing the hue of your lights can bring about a wonderful change in the ambience and inadvertently, your health. 

So, here are 8 nifty decor ideas that will transform your apartment into a classy pad with ease. 

1. A fancy looking mirror can make rooms come alive.

Mirrors are ideally, the most understated of all home decor pieces. And when they're versatile enough to transform the look of the room, it doesn't make sense to invest in a simple bevelled mirror. Thrift shops and antique stores host a number of refurbished gems that with a little upkeep can make your room look regal. Or you can add a mirror to a vintage frame and put it on display.

2. Colourful accent pieces can add that playful touch to your boring decor.

If you've always had those basic sofas and upholsteries, you can always switch this up by adding a slight pop of colour to tie the room together. A colourful rug or a bright cushion can serve as a wonderful accent piece. A pretty looking lamp, a futuristic art print on a wall and even a fun coloured seating cushion can turn the look of the room around.

3. A dedicated home lighting system to add that panache.

Nothing will turn the ambience of your home sweet home around better than a smart lighting system and that too from Philips Lighting no less. Simply replace your bulbs with the ones from the Hue range and experience mood lighting like no other. Their lighting range enhances everyday moments and just simply adds to the ambience with their different hues. You can choose from wake up, energize, relax and sleep modes. Their Starter kit comprising 3 bulbs and a bridge connector will ensure that you have mood lighting that doesn't break the bank. Visit the Philips Hue website to know more about them. 

4. Add a fancy lamp for that touch of old-world glamour.

A simple looking lamp is enough to bring an elegant appeal to your home. And when you pick something as classy as the Dew floor and table lamps from Philips Lighting, you're bound to receive compliments for your interior decor skills. Pick their suave table top lamp for the corner table or the floor lamp for a corner that spells comfort and decadence. Know more about their range of products here.

5. Fresh flowers add an instant dose of class.

A bunch of sweet smelling and colourful flowers are just what you need to make your space look homely and inviting. Whatever your mood or style, you can be sure to find an arrangement that speaks to you. 

6. Revive old furniture to give it a fantastic new personality with just a little paint.

Why spend all that hard earned cash investing in fresher pieces of furniture, when a little DIY and some creativity can revive your old ones? Take a look at this ombre dresser here. From its old faded wood appeal to a brand new look, not only does it look one of a kind but also uplifts the overall feel of the room. Makes you want to paint your furniture too, doesn't it?

7. Display your photographs in ways that'll make them look like art.

Displaying photographs in regular frames is old news. What your home needs is a dose of personality. And what better way to do so, that breaking out your craft supplies and coming up with a fun and yet a nifty way of putting up your memories. From transforming windows into a vintage frame to pegging your photos onto beautiful lights, there's no dearth of inspiring ideas on the Internet. So get cracking!

8. Attach legs to old suitcases to make plush corner tables that everyone will talk about.

If you're thinking of throwing away those old suitcases and rusty trunks, think again. What if I could show you the way to turn your old luggage into an envy-inspiring corner piece? Yes, you heard that right! Simply fix some legs to the bottom and give the surface a paint job, and you have a corner table that doubles up as storage too. Clever, right? 

9. Turn boring ladders into display shelves with ease.

An offbeat accent piece of furniture can easily become the focal point of your room if you plan things right. If you have an old ladder lying around, convert it into a shelf based installation. Your guests will keep guessing which fancy decor store you got these from. 

Jaa Simran Jaa... use these tips and give your home a makeover that will leave tongues wagging and eyes wide in jealousy.