Remember the times when you used to go to your mumma and say "Mumma, ek rupya dedo?"

And in those days our version of a mall was a shop down the street, or the school canteen, or the candy waley uncle who used to drive down the road in the afternoons. Each day, you would save up to finally buy all the amazing things which were all you needed to make life complete. 

So here's a dose of happy for you, a trip down the sweet, sometimes spicy memory lane!

1. Fatafat

How many mouths just watered?

Source: DailyMoss


2. Natkhat 

Sirf 2 rupee mein!

Source: IndiaMart


3. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes 

Or a packet of swag if you will.

Source: SarthakAhuja


4. Magic Pop

And how mighty we felt sharing it with someone who had never had it!

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 5. Kismi Bar

The elaichi flavor still lingers in my memory.

Source: Quora


6. Poppins

Rainbow in our pockets, happiness on our tongues!

Source: LBB


7. Boomer

Boom boom boomer! And the amazing temporary tattoos that came with it!

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8. Rol-a-Cola

Because we couldn't take the glass cola bottles to school, you know. 

Source: NDTV


9. Gold Spot

The zing thing!

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10. Chatmola

The tongue smacking candy!

Source: IndiaMart


11. Crush

No Fanta or Mirinda can ever take its place. 

Source: TheFreeDictionary


 12. Jellies 

Remember taking them out on our hands and wobbling them before gobbling it?

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13. Crax

The rings that ruled us all!

Source: IndiaMart


14.  Aam Pachan

Ah, those school canteen memories.

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15.  Chiclets 

Oh how rich we felt with these chic-ing in our pockets!

Source: CandyFavorites


16. Guru Chela

And how we used to keep the wrapper with us in our pencil boxes!

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 17. Cadbury Chocolate Lollipop

For the times when Ma won't let us get a chocolate.


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18. Flavoured Lollipops

"Nahi Uncle! Orange wali do!"

Source: CultureBowl


19. Orange Candies

From the guy who used to come with his thela in the evenings!

Source: CultureBowl


20. Fun Flips

Half of us only ate this to lick the masala off our hands later.

Source: IndiaToday


Happy yaadein, kids!