In a gory incident, a 16-year-old boy from Ludhiana was detained by the police for killing a 9-year-old boy. 

The teenager boy allegedly chopped the other boy's body into six pieces, ate his flesh and drank the blood, reports Times of India.

According to the report, both the kids are children of laborers living in the same colony. Deepu Kumar had gone missing on Monday and was then found dead, beheaded in Dugri area. The teenager told police that he took Deepu home on the pretext of giving him a kite string.

He then strangled him with the string and cut the body into pieces with a gardening tool. Later, he collected the body parts in a bag and decided to throw the boy's heart in the premises of his school to tarnish its reputation.

When CCTV footage of the area was viewed, the police were able to find the accussed. It was when he was detained that the teenager confessed to his crime.

Deputy commissioner of police Bhupinder Singh said the case was an example of cannibalism. The teenager said he often craved for human flesh and in the past claimed to have felt the urge to eat his limbs, added Singh. 

(Feature image source: ANI)