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Jan 28, 2017 at 18:26

Honest Advice Every 20-Something Needs But Seldom Gets When They’re On The Threshold Of Adulthood

by Era Tangar

Adulting is tough. If you were born in early 90s, you are the latest inevitable victim of the same. Everything from looking for your purpose to fixing breakfast in the morning, budgeting, maintaining relationships, finding oneself and doing it right makes adulting seem like a giant monster who is waiting to slowly eat every little bit of us. 

As soon as we turn 20-21, this mountain of responsibilities, that we were never prepped for, just fall on our shoulders and somehow we are supposed to manage. I mean, life would have been much easier if someone would have handed us a 'Guide To Adulthood' on our 18th birthday so we knew the difficult task that lay ahead of us.

Well anyway, someone — SaltyBanana69 to be precise — was smart enough to ask fellow Redditors this question

"If every person was given a Guide to Adulthood handbook on their eighteenth birthday, filled with brutal honesty and accompanied with illustrations, what would be some things in it?" 

The answers were more than just interesting. Have a look.




















What would you put in this 'Guide To Adulthood'? Let us know in the comments below.

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