Free Basics from Facebook is stirring up a storm and naturally, when that happens one can expect AIB to ride to the rescue. Many of us would have unknowingly clicked and signed up for a campaign to save Free Basics in recent days. The notifications would have gone out to our friends as well and in a very sneaky way, Facebook would have garnered our support.

But AIB once again -- with their third instalment of the Save The Internet campaign -- attempts to clear the air. For starters, Free Basics is with a changed name and little more.

Just so that people may not fall for the trick, Tanmay Bhat had made the following post.

Free Basics ka email TRAI ko bhejne se Candy Crush requests double ho jaate hai, pls sign mat karo. Thanks.

Posted by All India Bakchod on Thursday, December 17, 2015

This was the reason why we are sure that it was Bhat.

Now coming back to the point, your internet freedom is being threatened and that means you have to get a move on.

Watch the video, send the mail linked in the video and have a Merry Christmas:

Video courtesy: All India Bakchod