They say creativity has no boundaries, but when it comes to Indian cinema, terms and conditions apply.  Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 's smooth release is still a matter of question but it's not the first Indian film to fall prey to political controversies, neither will it be the last. 

Here are a few movies that were incidental victims of political controversies : 

1. Parzania - The film based on Gujarat riots, was directed by Rahul Dholakia. The critically acclaimed film which was released all over India was banned in Gujarat by the Hindu Organisation, Bajrang Dal. The film was banned fearing communal uproar in the state.

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 2. Udta Punjab 

Anurag Kashyap's Udta Punjab, besides being embroiled in a long battle with the CBFC, had to face a lot of political ire too. The film before its release was being hailed as a project aiming at showing the state in bad light. The film highlighted the drug menace in the state. 

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3. My Name is Khan (2010)

Shah Rukh Khan faced the consequences of his comment on exclusion of Pakistani cricketers from Indian Premier League. Shiv Sena tried to stop the release of this film, and later attacked theatres screening the film. The situation boiled to a point where police was asked for additional security.

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4. PK 

Parties like Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal wanted this movie to be banned because they thought Aamir Khan starrer PK was making fun of Hinduism. The parties had a problem as ridiculous as the film having characters with names like Jagat Janani being romantically involved with a Muslim man which they felt was promoting the idea of love jihad.This demand resulted in violent protests and burning and tearing of movie posters with the protestors trying to halt the screening of the movie.

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5. Water

The 2005 film talked about the lives of widows at an ashram in Varanasi. Set in the early 20th century, it did get into trouble with the UP government. Some party members protested even during the shoot of the film, destroying sets . 

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6. Fanaa

This 2006 film was banned in the state of Gujarat due to protests against the lead actor Aamir Khan for his comments criticizing the Gujarat government. While promoting his film in Gujarat, Aamir  made some comments regarding the Gujarat chief minister's handling of the Narmada Dam issue and the necessity to rehabilitate the displaced villagers.These comments were met with outrage from the BJP government. 

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7. Bombay 

Mani Ratnam's 1995 film Bombay was mired into a host of controversies. It was based on the 1192 Babri Masjid demolition issue and it faced opposition not just from Hindu radical groups but also Muslim groups claiming that their community is being defamed. Mani Ratnam had to make some special changes to the film as per the Late Shiv Sena leader, Bal Thackeray's instructions. 

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8. Fire 1996 

This film based on a lesbian love story major opposition from Hindu fundamentalist groups. However, the film was released in 1998 without cuts. Its screenings, however, were disrupted by miscreants.  

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9. Aandhi ( 1975)

 The film was rumoured to be based on Indira Gandhi's life. It was banned during the emergency declared by Indira Gandhi. The then ruling Congress government ensured the film did not see get a theatrical release during its reign. It was finally released two years later, when the Congress was no more in power.

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