The World Bank which had mediated the Indus Water Treaty has said that India and Pakistan have approached the financial body on the deal and it was "responding in its limited, procedural role as set out in the treaty". 

"India and Pakistan have informed the World Bank that each has initiated proceedings pursuant to the Indus Waters Treaty 1960 and the World Bank Group is responding in its limited, procedural role as set out in the Treaty," a World Bank spokesperson said. 

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"For further details on the proceedings brought under the Indus Waters Treaty 1960, your enquiry is best directed to the member governments," the spokesman said on Wednesday, refusing to comment any further. 

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with officials to review provisions of the Indus Water Treaty. In the meeting, it was decided that India will "exploit to the maximum" the water of Pakistan-controlled rivers, including Jhelum, as per the water-sharing pact. 

Pakistan next day approached the World Bank, with its senior officials taking up the matptrter with the body, following which Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the Indus Water Treaty was a mutually agreed arrangement between India and Pakistan brokered by the World Bank and no one country can unilaterally separate itself from the treaty.

(Feature image source: Reuters)