The fever of Kabali had barely died down when the first teaser of Shankar's 2.0 hit our screens. For months there has been anticipation building up around the sequel to the 2010 Sci-Fi blockbuster Enthiran. While the first one had Rajinikanth playing the good guy and the bad guy, the second one was a masterstroke in getting Akshay Kumar to play the antagonist.

The actor took to Twitter to share the first look of his character. He tweeted saying "Evil has a new face" showing a picture of him with overgrown nails, weird contours on his face, unusually radiant eyes and a tattoo on his scalp. The freaky picture evokes fear and interest for sure. Akshay Kumar who has already had three blockbusters in the year 2016, sure looks like has another one blockbuster when he combines the forces of his box office stature with Rajini's god-like status in the South.

At the 2.0 launch Rajinikanth even made the magnanimous gesture of saying, "I'm telling you the truth. The hero in 2PointO is not Rajinikanth. It is Akshay Kumar". He even went on to add that he would have traded roles with Akshay Kumar if he could, it was that good. 

Twitter has had an interesting reactions to the the Khiladi's latest villain avatar.

Just wow!