So, Google has a name for Android and its… Nougat!Β 

Well, it certainly came as a huge surprise to some people who thought 'Nutella' would be the final choice since Hiroshi Lockheimer, the senior VP in charge of Android, had been teasing fans on social media with hints of the same.

So, soon after the announcement was made, Twitter, as expected, exploded with comments about this new unexpected development.

While Nutella was the most preferred choice, people seemed pretty pissed and expressed their displeasure

While there were many who didn't even know what Nougat is

Even we are confused, let's hope this helps

Amidst all the tweets, this one certainly takes away the prize

As for Indians who were definitely obsessed about getting at least one version named after a local dessert, the news came as a major disappointment

And then there were some who were just having fun