The film, directed by Nishikant Kamat, is a testament to the talent of Irrfan, says Anupama Chopra, in her review. According to her, the inconsistent and implausible story would have completely collapsed with a lesser actor.

Praising Irrfan's acting skills she says he breathes life into a cliché – the common man who suffers injustice and attempts to fight against the system. 

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Elaborating on the narrative of the film, she says,

"The first hour is essentially a police procedural with the determined looking cop, played by Jimmy Shergill, looking for the kidnapped son of the home minister. Director Nishikant Kamath keeps the narrative tight and fast. But the carefully build up tension dilutes as soon as we hit a flashback. As the story unravels, the direction also becomes more heavy-handed. Each beat is underlined – there is a lot of talk about system pe gussa, corruption and aam aadmi."

For her Irrfan is the highlight of the film. She says, "But Irrfan glues it together with a potent blend of skill and screen presence." 

She rated it with two and a half stars.

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