How many times have you asked a woman out in the restaurant by penning your thoughts on a piece of tissue paper? 

Ushering in a total paradigm shift are bill receipts, which are the new means of communication. Here are 30 of them for you to enjoy. Some are funny, some are sweet, while a few would totally elicit a WTF.

Discount for having "the best butt"!

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There's a price to pay for letting one rip!

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"Extra wet"

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The waitress talked about her Italian roots. What she received must have left her totally flabbergasted! Way to go!

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The best way to ask out a waitress!

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Having a tan pays!

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Cola Wars explained.

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Because God > Tip

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Having babies who don't wail saves you money too!

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Sweet gesture...

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Legit poetry!

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When the tip is bigger than the bill.

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Who would foot this bill?

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When tipping is math!

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Everyone knows what you came her for.

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Come on, don't be mean to stoners!

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And to fat women.

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GooGoo Sprm anyone?

Indian Jew?

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Not everyone can math tho.

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Coke and dick?

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Everybody was birthday tippinggggggggg...

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The sweetest "Thank You" note!

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Passing the baton.

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This is honestly sweet.

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Funnily harsh!

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Damn, this N-word man was broke!

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Serving clients with a P-p-p-poker face!

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Turn me on with your garlic bread...

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