Even as India's political leaders are busy taking credit or questioning the recent surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Baba Ramdev is plain thrilled.

In an interview to Economic Times published today, Ramdev called the strikes a strong answer - moohtod jawab - to cross-border terrorism. We also learnt that he is coming up with a University in NCR which will "produce Olympians". 


Ramdev clearly approves of the new government's approach to dealing with terrorism 

Rejecting all ideas of talks with Pakistan, Ramdev said "talking to Pakistan is like casting pearls before a swine." Also that Pakistan is a compulsive liar and its claims that strikes didn't happen are meaningless.

Ramdev knows what the Army should do next and has a suggestion...

Oops, Ramdev clearly doesn't think highly of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Mainy because while Modi "touched Sharif’s mother’s feet on his birth anniversary", Sharif back-stabbed him.

He also defended RSS on Rahul Gandhi's controversial statement that RSS killed Gandhi, which Rahul later backtracked on. 

Oh, did you know a Patanjali University is in the pipeline? More importantly, it'll produce Olympians.

How does India deal with the militancy problem in Pakistan? Ramdev has a solution. Not sure if it'll work but it looks like a good sentiment.