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You Will Never Go Wrong With These 22 Brilliant Dressing Hacks

by Divya Chauhan

Dressing up is not that hard and it certainly gets easier when you know a thing or two about it. And if you belong to the other category where you don't know what to do about those petty clothing issues, we've some hacks that will help you feel and look good. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you with everyday clothing:

1. Go for the basic way to tuck in your shirt, i.e. The Military Tuck way.

Source: Youtube


Here's how to do it properly:

Source: Youtube


2. Make sure the seam of your shirt sits at the point of your shoulders.

Source: Igerit


3. Always align the edge of your shirt, belt and and zipper flap.

Source: Realmenrealstyle


4. Wearing a saree with a small or no border makes you appear taller.

Source: Saree Times 


5. If you're skinny, go for sarees with heavy embellishments and rich embroidery.

Source: Mirraw


6. To keep your zipper up for ever, you can use a thick rubber band.

Source: Sweetlittlebluebird


7. Wear pumps the colour of your skin tone to appear taller.

Source: Pinterest


8. Use bra strap concealer to avoid wide neck tops from falling off your shoulder.

Source: Recycled Fashion


9. You can wear a fitted tank top between your sweater and button-up shirt to appear slimmer.


10. Coordinate necklaces with the neckline of your top.


11. Use belt knots to add a bit of character to your outfit.

Source: Quora


12. Women, make yourself stand out in crowd by wearing tights under ripped jeans.


13. Horizontal lines make you look wider while verticals and pinstripes make you appear taller.


14. Here's how you can wear boots with non-skinny jeans.

Source: Quora


15. Tie width=blazer lapel width, always!

Source: BlackLapel


16. Always match your belt with your shoes.

Source: RealMenRealStyle


17. While buying trousers, check if its bottom touches the shoe sole while standing.


18. When wearing formal clothes, match your socks with the colour of the trouser. If that's not possible, try matching them with the colour of your shoes.

Source: VK


19. Roll up your sleeves the J. Crew Roll way to avoid maximum wrinkles.

Source: Advice from a twenty something


20. Sew old or cheap bra cups into a backless dress for a proper fit.

Source: Quora


21.Wear ankle length boots the correct way.

Source: Quora


22. Use marker of the same colour of the shoe to hide any tears.


Source: Quora

Now go on and rock it!

Masthead image source: GQ India

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