Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented Budget 2017 in the Parliament on Wednesday and said the government will ramp up spending on rural areas, infrastructure and fighting poverty.

Addressing parliament, Jaitley called his fourth budget one for the poor.

But for those on Twitter it was a lot more and the tweets were flowing well before the scheduled start of the speech at 11 am.

Some predictions from earlier did not come true.

The stakes were raised the moment Jaitley started reading the speech, amid protests from some MPs who wanted the budget to be postponed due to the passing away of E Ahamed, a Congress MP from Kerala.

And the 'confused Indian' tweets soon started.

There was one criticism that particularly stood out:

Jaitley announced increase in investment in MNREGA, an UPA initiative and the irony was not lost on tweeps.

The regrets. Oh, the regrets.

The Railways budget brought out an interesting reaction. (Bengalis, we tell you!)

When Jaitley said funding to political parties will be slashed...

And of course, the part every one was waiting for. Announcement on tax a.k.a. how much of your salary will not come to you.

From the land of poor jokes...

And what we loved the most...

Some people, though, had their priorities straight.

It did not stop even after the budget ended.

And saving the best for the last...

Thanks for the entertainment, Twitter.

And if you're not sure why you should care about this year's Budget, here are some good reasons right here.