What actually happens to the dead? Do they continue to exist amongst us? Or are we hallucinating when we feel their presence?

The existence of the paranormal world has always been a big question mark. The believers say, you just know when there's something around you. And the non-believers continue to dwell on science and logic. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren, the American paranormal investigators, believed in the existence of this world. Ed was a self-taught demonologist and his wife, Lorraine, was a medium. The two solved various cases where demonic spirits tortured the living.

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While the couple constantly faced harsh criticism, it never stopped them from continuing their practice. Today, the basement of their Connecticut home has a 'Museum Of The Occult' where the couple saved the trophies from their demonic saves.

Here are 5 of the creepiest real life cases that were investigated by Ed & Lorraine Warren:

1. The Real Werewolf

William Ramsey first displayed superhuman strength when he was just 9. He would try to bite those around him and would then, collapse with a seizure. In 1983, he even admitted himself to an institution when he felt his cravings were increasing but it was at the hospital that he attacked several nurses while growling like an animal. 

In 1987, his werewolf behaviour led him to attack a police officer. His animal-like strength was unmatched and it took 6 police officers to restrain him. Ed and Lorraine heard about this case and flew the man to USA. They performed an exorcism on him and the demonic wolf spirit was taken out of his body.

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2. The Devil Made Me Do It

In 1981, Alan Bono was murdered by Arne Cheyenne Johnson while the latter's fiancée, Debbie, watched in horror. A few months prior to this murder, Debbie's younger brother had started acting strange and his unexplained fits of rage were quite worrying for the family members. The family called in Ed and Lorraine for help & upon investigating, they found that the boy's body was host to 43 demons. 

During the exorcism, Johnson felt the demons enter his body. The Warrens could feel the impending danger and warned the members of the family but it was too late. After the murder, Johnson claimed that it was the demonic possession that led him to stab Bono multiple times.

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3. Annabelle

The case dates back to 1970 when a woman bought a doll for her daughter from an antique store. The doll started behaving strangely soon after. It started moving from one place to another in the house. Through a psychic medium, it was found that the doll was inhabited by a dead girl's spirit. 

The doll started acting malicious and that is when the Warrens were called. They realised that the doll was too dangerous to be left outside and locked it in a box. It now resides in their museum! 

This case gained much popularity after a film based on the case, Annabelle was released in 2014.

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4. The Smurl haunting

The Smurl family felt like a hostage in their house in Pennsylvania. They experienced things moving in the house and could always smell foul odour. Even their daughter was pushed down the stairs by an unseen force. The family felt like the ghosts followed them around and they lived in captivity for more than 10 years. When Ed and Lorraine Warren examined the house, they felt the presence of four demonic spirits. After intense exorcisms, the house was declared to be free of spirits and the family was saved.

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5. The Perron haunting

It was in the 1970s that the Perron family bought a house in the country side for some peace & quiet. Shortly afterwards, the family noticed some strange events in the house but nothing was scary enough to raise their eyebrows. Eventually, they started noticing that their doors would keep banging constantly, the furniture was constantly moved around and the kids were getting hurt in mysterious accidents. 

The events scared the family and they decided to call for help. The Warrens investigated the place but it was too far gone to be saved. The family had to vacate the place to save their lives. The 2013 film, The Conjuring was based on these events but the ending in real life was much scarier that the one showed in the film. In real life, even the Warrens couldn't get rid of the spirits in the house.

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