In a video that has recently surfaced on social media, BJP leader Vitthal Radadiya can be seen repeatedly kicking an old man.

Though there is no confirmation about the date and location of the incident, it's apparent that it occurred during a religious function. The MP from Porbandar can be clearly seen, in his signature white shirt and trousers, approaching an elderly person and then kicking him, who can be seen pleading for mercy. 

Radadiya's men can then be seen picking up the man's belongings and escorting him out of the function. The video was apparently shot at a religious function held at Jamkandorna in Rajkot district about a week ago.

Here's the video.

However, Radadiya has denied kicking the person. While talking to reporters last night, he said the man was "trying to spread superstition", and that he only asked him to leave the place, reported DNA

This isn't the first time Radadiya has been publicly violent. In October 2012, a video had surfaced showing him brandishing a gun at a toll booth employee at Karjan near Vadodara. Radadiya, who was then a Congress MP, was seen wielding a rifle and threatening to kill the toll booth staff when he was asked for his ID proof.