One of the worst things about fame has got to be the paparazzi. Can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be hounded 24/7 by a desperate bunch of people with cameras dying to capture your every move. Doesn’t matter whether you’re stepping out of your car or running to the gym, the most normal things are splashed across worldwide gossip publications like news. 

No wonder celebrities are pissed off about it all the time. There’s got to be some privacy, dammit. But then some celebrities play it funny. Instead of losing their shit, they choose to mock this relentless lot of humans with antics of their own. If you've to deal with it anyway, might as well do it some humour, right?

Take a look.

1. Jim Carrey

Obviously, one of the funniest guys in Hollywood couldn't just let it go. I can hear him say, "Who's sexy NOW?"

Source: dailymail
Source: dailymail

Yeah, he did that.

2. Shia Lebouf

"Where's the dustbin? Fuck it, I'll just put in on my head."

This is how he walked down the red carpet at an awards function. Brave man.

Source: independent

3. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

They took the opportunity and turned it into gold. Well done.

Source: zimbio

And they did it again! All movie stars love sequels.

Source: thefrisky

4. Ryan Gosling

What young spirited handsome men look like. Bless his sassy soul.

Source: brightside

5. Gerard Butler

"The paparazzi shoots me. But who shoots the paparazzi? Take this, you guys. You just pissed me off."

Source: socialitelife

6. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell can loosen up too, you guys. He's got a sense of humour somewhere beneath that plastic!

Source: dailymail

7. Daniel Radcliffe

Eat. Spot paparazzi. Pull 10000 funny faces. Go back to eating. Pretend none of it ever happened. Do it like Daniel.

Source: pinterest

8. Leonardo Di Caprio

One of the finest actors of his generation had to eat his food from under that god awful mask. The pressure of stardom spares no one.

Source: hollywood

9. Dustin Hoffman

"Hide 'n' seek is so much fun. I'm really, really good at it. Wanna see?"

Source: vinescope

10. Bruce Willis

He couldn't contain his joy on spotting his favourite people in the whole world. Again.

Source: globo

Water, water, everywhere. Not any drop to drink.

Source: globo

11. Grant Gustin

That's what swag in every step looks like. Go go, boy.

Source: instagram

12. Katy Perry

Is this a doughnut or a coverup? You can never know with Katie.

Source: coolspotters

13. Benedict Cumberbatch

How is this man so damn smart, Sherlock?

 He's done the Mr. Paperhead impersonation to perfection. Atta boy.

Source: dailymail

14. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Because when you're a brand name, advertising follows.

Source: celebritygossip

15. Alec Baldwin

There's a new ghost in town who loves wearing suits. Boo.

Source: hollywood

Well done, ladies and gentlemen. You keep showing the paparazzi what you got.