It's one thing to be funny but it's a totally different thing to be Chandler Bing! Now it's safe to say that we're all suckers for F.R.I.E.N.D.S and secretly watch re-run after re-run, even to this day. While each of us might have a favourite character, but if there's one person that we all love equally, it has to be Chandler! The guy is a benchmark of sarcasm and the king of wit in every sense. After all, who can come up with better defenses than he did?

Here are a few wisecracks from Chandler Bing, the master of sarcasm. Read on and prepare yourself to roll on the floor laughing!  

1. When Ross and Chandler tried competing each other in comebacks. No points for guessing who won!  

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 2. When Chandler was preparing for an interview with an advertising company and we couldn't help laughing our asses off. 

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 3. Just another scene featuring typical Chandler Bing.

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4. Ross loves to propose and Chandler loves to humor him. 

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5. Funny even when he's stupid! 

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6. How in the world do you do this, every single time!? 

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7. Aww. Chandler!

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8. Who'd know this better than poor Chandler, right?

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9. Pun isn't fun without him.

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10. And, thank goodness, Joey didn't get him at all. 

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11. This sperm of a man is unbeatable. 

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12. So true it hurts!

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13. Advice and sarcasm, we'd take both of them if they're coming from you!

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14. Relationship goals right there!

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16. Fun fact: Did you know not all his lines were scripted? Matthew is funny in real life too!

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17. There. The man said it!

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18. Always on fire, just like bullets. 

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19. When Ross wouldn't stop playing the bagpipe. 

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20. Nailed it!

21. Even Joey had to admit the truth about Chandler's comic quotient. 

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22. We can't get enough of his one-liners. 

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Can we get a show on Chandler Bing? Who's with me!?