Angeles City in Philippines is the perfect get-away destination. With entertainment aplenty, parties happening all the time, it's a haven for people looking to run away from the humdrum of daily life. With angels clad in the skimpiest of clothes, Angeles City happens to be the favoured destination for retired men to have some 'fun'; the perfect destination for sex tourists.

In the town of the angels, many young women in their late teens and early 20s work as prostitutes and bar girls. Youth is in abundance, and is preferred because men throng to this place in search of sex for sale. But many a times, these young ladies get pregnant by clients and are left to attend to the child with absolutely no monetary backup. 

But these ladies are not the real victims here. It's the children they give birth to.

These kids are born out of unprotected liaisons with foreign men who come to Angeles for a night of fun. They impregnate these young women, and leave back for their homes, never to look back.

Source: b'This is Mary Ann, with her best friend. Mary was fathered by a German guy.\xc2\xa0'

These kids have never seen their fathers, and are likely to never have the chance to either. While their fathers sit in the comfort of their homes, these kids live in areas with bare necessities, without a proper education,often going back hungry to their beds.

Source: b"This is Sarah. Sarah's mother left the trade and does odd jobs to provide for her, and her cousin's little baby.\xc2\xa0"

And not just this, there are times when the baby becomes a hassle for the mother as well, so she abandons the child with a relative or a neighbour.

Jean-Lester, a 12-year-old boy, was fathered by a German guy who obviously never cared to look back. What's sad is that even his mother left him with her neighbour, a transgender. Jean hates when Pia picks him up from school, but he loves her very much and would like to take care of her when she's old, just like she took care of him.

Source: b'This is Jean-Lester, fathered by a German guy.\xc2\xa0'

As for Pia, he's a blessing from God that she never wants to part with. She puts all her energy, money, and efforts to his education and well-being.

There are many more kids like Jean Lester, Sarah and Mary-Ann, and all of them have just one request for their fathers. Watch it here:

The full documentary can be seen here.

With or without a father, the fallen angels of Angeles deserve a future that's bright and full of possibilities.