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Feb 07, 2017 at 01:18

While We’re Flirting With Odd-Even, China Is Building Vertical Forests To Combat Pollution

by Prapti Elizabeth

The boons and banes of technology are like sides of a coin, they're forever hand in hand. But better late than never, the human race seems to be realising that life on Earth can take a drastic turn if we don't do something about the rising levels of pollution. Where India is trying to combat the same with our odd-even rule, China seems to be in it for the long run.

Called the Nanjing Towers and to be completed by 2018, China will be home to Asia's first ever vertical forest. Buildings that'll be 656 ft and 354 ft tall, will house over 1000 trees, 2500 shrubs, and 23 different local species. 

Take a look. These will literally (and metaphorically) take your breath away!

Source: Evo News


Source: Inhabitat


These 23 local varieties of plants will produce 60 kgs of oxygen, every day.

Source: Buzz Buzz Home


Source: Idealista


And this is not a first for the architect, Stefano Boeri. He debuted his vertical gardens in Milan, inaugurated in 2014.

Source: Recreo Viral


Called the Bosco Verticale, it's a beauty.

Source: Discover


Well, when art met architecture, yeah?

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