Government is thinking of re-introducing compulsory class 10 board examination but if such a decision is taken, it will only be applied from the next academic year, HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said on Thursday.

“I want to start CBSE 10th board exams because all other students, other than CBSE, are appearing for Board exams. But for CBSE, it is an option. Why?” Javadekar said while speaking at an interaction organised by FICCI.

Source: b'Minister Prakash Javadekar / Source: PTI'

The minister added that he got a lot of queries including from media persons, who also said they have children studying in CBSE schools and with March approaching they would need time to prepare.

“I said whatever I may change this year, will be implemented in 2017-18 cycle, not this year,” Javadekar clarified.

The proposal to restart board exams six years after they had been scrapped was introduced in October this year. 

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The minister said that the government is also planning to bring in a new system under which educational institutions are regulated.

He added that for the best institutes there will be maximum autonomy and minimum regulation, while for the next category there will be a balance of autonomy and regulation.

Those institutes which are behind these two categories would have more regulation and less autonomy, Javadekar said.

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