On the evening of 19th November 2016, there would be two kinds of people. The ones attending Coldplay concert in Mumbai and the other ones hating on the first category. So, we thought about some comforting things that the people who couldn't manage to attend the concert can whisper to themselves and feel good.

So, here you go guys.

1. Coldplay will play only for 30 minutes

Those people will get stuck in the traffic jam, the waiting line, being pushed around by the excited crowd and blow up so much money for just 30 minutes of action. Worth it?

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2. It's gonna be more like IIFA than a Coldplay concert

With so many Bollywood stars in the line-up you know it will end up like some desi award show.

Source: MTV

 3. Ranveer Singh might just break into a dance on Fix You and ruin it for you forever

Taking nothing away from the super energetic Ranveer, but you don't wanna see him air thrusting to Fix You.

Source: The Express Tribune

4. Arijit Singh might force Chris Martin to make a mashup

"Re kabira maan ja, re fakeera...fakeera..fakeeradise".

Source: Fmdos

5. Arjun and Parineeti Chopra are hosting the show

Might as well watch re-runs of Sasural Simar Ka and cry yourself to sleep.

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6. Instead of dealing with the crowd for no reason, you can go to the nearest ATM

If you have to socialize with so many excited strangers you might as well stand in ATM line and withdraw some cash to feed yourself.

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7. Farhan Akhtar might sing a song too

You have heard him sing live, right?

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8. You can call your friends over, smoke a joint and listen to all Coldplay songs for almost FREE

Spending as per your salary is always the best idea, right?

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9. Your rich friends will Snapchat the highlights anyway

Just think that you have hired them to cover it so that you can watch it all for free while sitting on your sofa and eating a 3-day-old packet of Lays.

Source: Reddit

10. You saved on the expensive outfit you were going to buy for attending the concert

It's like your wedding dress.

Source: Tenor

11. Mom won't get mad at you for coming home late

You can be a momma's boy sometimes.

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12. You won't miss Weekend Ka Vaar

"Yaani mere, Salman Khan, ke saath. Trust me, a lot of them would be wondering about Bigg Boss after the short performance of Coldplay.

Source: NDTV