Even before India's surgical strike against Pakistan, the ties between the two countries have been severely antagonistic. The perception that all Pakistanis are hardcore terrorists has clouded most of the country's better judgement. And if one is to judge by all the celebratory fire-crackers, sweets distributions and sloganeering against Pakistan after India's behemoth win, one won't be wrong to deduce that the general perception has only spread further. 

It's definitely a great military win, but is it right that we stereotype the whole population of a country based on the actions of a few? 

A person from India, sent a hateful email full of expletives to a Pakistani fellow, Syed Muzamil Hasan. This is the content of that email:  

Source: Syed/Facebook

Any person would've been infuriated by such words and attitude. But Syed maintained his composure and instead of sending an angry response, he sent this:

Source: Syed/Facebook

And this is what the Indian guy had to say:

Source: Syed/Facebook

If Syed would have replied in the same tone, things would have further escalated. Instead, he decided to take the high road and try and reason. And that is absolutely commendable. 

We need to understand that this is not a war of people against people. It's a war against terrorism. Let's not go hating each on the sole fact that we belong to countries that are constantly at war with each other.

So let's take lessons and stop with this hateful stereotyping, shall we?