We all take inspiration from people we admire; whether it is celebrities or people we follow on social media. But how far would you go to imitate their style? Well, there's a couple that's going around the world, copying another famous couple, frame by frame and location by location!

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are Instagram's popular travel photographers, who live an enviable life, travelling extensively across the world. The duo has a whopping 2 million followers on their page. Among these followers, they found out that there's one woman who has been creepily stalking them, creating exactly the same pictures that they upload, with her partner. 

From similar backgrounds to exactly the same clothes and accessories, this creepy couple has been recreating the duo's photographs with the minutest of details. And that's not it! The couple even copies the exact same captions.

I was very creeped out and disturbed when I saw the images, 

Just look at these pictures and the eerie similarities that they share:

This is downright creepy!

You can take a look at the couple's amazing photographs here and here.