Wolves have never traditionally been the kind of animals one would like to cuddle with, but with Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for literature, we can say that the times they are a-changin'.

If you always wanted to hang out with those furry creatures, Norway has something for you. Cuddling with the wolves is something that these tourists and locals sign up for at this wolf sanctuary in Norway.

Polar Park is an animal wildlife sanctuary with social wolves raised to thrive in the company of humans. Unlike wild wolves, these ones don’t fear humans and visitors can get close enough to touch and even cuddle with them! So basically, they will not harm you and you can finally do what you've always wanted to - without getting mauled.

The attraction educates people about the important value these majestic beasts have on our ecosystem and spreads an important message about wildlife preservation.  We have to say that this is a fantastic venture by the Norwegian government and it gives out the brilliant message in a heart-warming way.

Polar Park also has a luxury 'Wolf Lodge' built right in the middle of one of the wolf enclosures that guests can only enter through a tunnel from an outer fence. 

We know what we're doing next vacation.

H/T - Earthables

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