You're probably already dealing with a lot of Diwali responsibilities like cleaning and getting sweets. Add to that the worry about having the perfect outfit. It's only in the middle of the chaos that you realise that you haven't even thought about decorations.

So, here's a list of diwali decorations that you can make yourself. It takes very little time to make these and all of it makes your house look bright.

1. Thread Lantern

Thread lanterns are so beautiful and make any sort of light prettier. In fact, you can use them even once Diwali gets over.

Source: Reva Almeida

  • Things You Need: Paintbrush, scissors, balloon, a ball of wool, liquid glue, water, flour, a bowl for mixing

  • Step 1: Inflate the balloon
  • Step 2: Mix 3 tablespoons of water with 4 tablespoons of glue. Add 3 tablespoons of flour to it. Make sure the mixture is not too thick
  • Step 3: Cover the balloon with vaseline
  • Step 4: Take the ball of wool and tie one end to the knot on the balloon
  • Step 5: Now dip the wool in the mixture you've made
  • Step 6: Tie the wool around the balloon
Source: Reva Almeida

Now let it all just dry and the best part is that you get to burst the balloon!

2. Glowing Candle Shade

Who knew making shades would be this easy? Shades bring a different twist to the usual candle kept in a corner and well, it doesn't take much time to make them either.

Source: Khushbu Floralbeauty

  • Things You Need: A sheet of white paper, thermocol, 2 needles (preferably a thick one and a thin one), tape, candle and another sheet with design on it
  • Step 1: Put the sheet with design under the white sheet with the thermocol as base
  • Step 2: Start poking the needles along the design and make a combination of thick and thin. Don't leave any blank space because our aim is to punch as many holes in the sheet as possible
  • Step 3: Use tape to wrap the white sheet around the candle
Source: Khushbu Floralbeauty

And this will give you a candle shade which will light up any corner of the house.

3. Paper Cup Fairy Lights

Fairy lights on Diwali is the most conventional thing ever. So, you can give it a different twist and use decorated paper cups

Source: soumya dubey

  • Things You Need: Paper cups, glitter tape, paper cutter, fairy lights
  • Step 1: Cover the paper cups with glitter tape
  • Step 2: Make a couple of those decorated cups
  • Step 3: Make a cross at thee bottom of each cup using your paper cutter
Source: soumya dubey

Now all you have to do is to attach each paper cup to different bulbs on the fairy light string and you'll have what you want

4. Lacey Candles

The name sounds a little fancy, right? It's because it is quite fancy. You can take a simple candle and using lace, make it look gorgeous.

Source: Slick and Natty

  • Things You Need: Lace, glue, candle
  • Step 1: Put glue on the candle and make sure to cover all of it
  • Step 2: Take the lace and wrap it around the candle
Source: Slick and Natty

It's so easy to make something so elegant. You can place it anywhere in your house and it'll add to the diwali decor.

5. Mason Jar Candle Stand

Another piece of decoration to add light to your house on Diwali. It's easy to make and will look fabulous placed anywhere in the house.

Source: soumya dubey

  • Things You'll Need: Mason jar, spray paint, a design made of plastic, glue, newspaper
  • Step 1: Attach the heart to the mason jar using glue
  • Step 2: Fill the mason jar with newspaper and paint it with your bottle of spray paint
Source: soumya dubey

You can use any colour of paint and it'll take very little time for you to have a fancy candle stand.

6. Cloud Light

This kind of decor is very different and the sort of illusion it creates will leave all the visitors in your house stunned. Moreover, it is easy to make and can be used even once Diwali ends.

Source: TiffyQuake

  • Things You Need: paper lanterns, cotton, glue, fairy lights, strings, a rod to tie the lanterns to
  • Step 1: Attach the cotton to the paper lanterns using the glue
  • Step 2: Using the string, preferably plastic, hang the paper lanterns to the rod
  • Step 3: Put the fairy lights into the lanterns from the top
Source: TiffyQuake

And voila! You'll have your creation ready and watch everyone who visits you be stunned

7. Wine Bottle and Fairy Lights

This one is for those who have no time for decoration. No other combination can be more classic than this one. Place this bottle anywhere in the house and it'll look pretty.

Source: Gogescu Vicentiu-Cristian

  • Things You Need: Fairy lights, wine bottle, stick
  • Step 1: Take the wine bottle and insert the fairy lights in the bottle
  • Step 2: Use the stick to push the lights in
Source: Gogescu Vicentiu-Cristian

This lamp will brighten up any corner of your house and look classy too. You can continue using it as a lamp once Diwali is over.