Unless you've been floating in space, you'll know there exists a service like this:

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People stand on the road and offer affectionate hugs to random strangers. No questions asked. No money charged. No creepiness involved. 

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But do you know the best thing about free hugs? 


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Ahem, clearly not one of Modi's areas of interest.

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But seriously, Mister Prime Minister, have you ever considered the fact that may be, just may be, the whole world is watching you?

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Or that hugging and frisking are two different and completely unrelated things?

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Okay, let's even try to excuse your hugs as a sudden gush of playful excitement. 

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But does it really take Pahlaj Nihalani to tell you that the length of your hugs can get really awkward.

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Why don't you, for once, get the fact that world leaders didn't sign up for this.

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Even if it's their designer suit you're fixated with.

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And since when did groping qualify as affection? 

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And how in the name of all that is sanskaari, would you even begin explaining this?

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I mean Mister Modi, let's really not wait for this day to arrive:

Are you even listening?