Celebrities have a tough time fending off the paparazzi who are on their heels 24x7, following them everywhere as if the concept of privacy is non-existent. Thanks to these hounding photographers, even a private moment becomes public. Having had seen and heard enough of this, someone decided that this ain't cool and that someone happened to be a man from our very own Delhi.

Saif Siddiqui, a Delhi boy from G. D. Goenka School has invented a scarf that allows the wearer to disrupt photography with flash. In layman terms, no photograph for the hungry paparazzi! 

Source: Huffpost

When clicked with a flash, this real life Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak reflects the light of the flash into the camera.

Made with a beautiful blend of fashion and technology, the ISHU scarf's special fabric enhanced with nano-spherical crystals gives it the reflector property. The name - ISHU is a wordplay on the word 'issue' and a ‘SH’ like a silence.

Source: Ishu

Cameron Diaz, DJ Lazer, Paris Hilton and many other celebs have been wearing the ISHU scarf and getting away from paparazzi with amazing style, and without a care in the world. 

Source: Ishu
Source: Ishu

Not just scarves, ISHU will soon be launching phone cases from the month of July as well.  

Source: Instagram

Well, the ISHU man has definitely being successful in bringing privacy back!