What if we told you that the candles you blow out on the auspicious occasion of your birthday might increase your susceptibility to bacteria? That's right. A video of a man refusing to blow out the candles on his cake got us thinking about the same and it's not funny. You actually open a gateway and willingly invite germs into your body with this time old tradition. 

A study conducted by Clemson University found that there was a remarkable increase in bacteria on the cake when candles were blown out. 

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So each time you go phooo at the candles and (unconsciously) spit into the cake, the amount of bacteria just grows. In fact, there's a warning issued against it by Austria's National Health And Welfare Council. Yeah, it's that serious. 

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So here's a tip for the next birthday you celebrate or attend- wave your hand to blow out the candles. That would mean no fancy firework candles on the cake, but it's not much of a price in lieu of good health right?

You're welcome. Cheers!