To curb the growing menace of noise pollution on Indian roads, the Central government is planning to impose heavy fines for 'needless and continuous honking'.

The strict measures will be aimed not only at vehicle owners, but also manufacturers and dealers who produce and sell vehicle horns. 

The proposal, which will be a part of amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 would include a fine of Rs 500 for the first offence and Rs 1,000 for subsequent ones. 

Apart from it, there is also a proposal to impose a fine of Rs 5,000 on owners installing multi-toned or air horns in their vehicles and Rs 1 lakh on dealers and garage owners who install such horns in the vehicles, reports The Times Of India.

The TOI report states that the group of state transport ministers has already approved the adoption of 'Rules for Road Regulations', which extensively deals with "use of horns".

Source: b"The rules clearly prohibit 'needless and continuous honking'\xc2\xa0"

The rules have also provided alternatives such as flashing of headlights to be used to signal on the roads. They clearly prohibit 'needless and continuous honking' and state that it may only be done if the driver perceives himself or anyone else to be in danger.

Source: b'Representational image/ Reuters'

Studies have linked noise pollution to many ailments, including irreversible hearing loss, anxiety attacks, hypertension and heart disease.

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