FOMO, or the fear of missing out, to put it simply, is the feeling that you're always missing out on the good stuff. It is a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing. And even though it has been there for a while now and affects all age-groups, researchers have noted that social media amplifies the emotion by giving users a glimpse into the lives of others that was not possible before.

Here are a few comics that perfectly capture this angst.

1. When two of your friends, who met because of you, make plans without you.

2. When the only reason you're meeting people is to give others a FOMO.

3. A dead phone = death of an opportunity to showcase your funny self for the next few hours until you plug in that charger.

4. Did you regret not going to the Coldplay concert, too?

5. When you wish you were superhuman.

6. When missing out on a networking event is basically a professional death.

7. When you realise you're 24 and haven't yet witnessed the need of getting a passport made.

8. When your party-hopping goes wrong in more ways than one.

9. Sleep is for the weak, they said. I'll survive, they said.

10. When everyone is talking about the latest GoT episode and your internet connection is sucking balls.

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