When you think of pizza, all you can picture is cheese melting in your mouth and dripping from the corners of your slice. After all, pizza is Bae, right? And naturally, when you think of pizza, one of the first names that comes to mind is Domino's. They are the closest deal we can cut to making that cheese-dripping fantasy a reality. 

But then, Domino's decided to go all vegetarian for Navratras. And that doesn't mean just veggies, but no onions or garlic either. 

Like many of us, this guy - Joshua - was also pissed at Domino's but he still decided to test his luck. But alas! It wasn't too kind to him. 

Now, Joshua was hungry and craving for pizza. He wanted a cheese and pepperoni pizza. But when he went to the Domino's Online Menu, all he could find was vegetarian pizzas. He was clearly miffed, so he decided to talk to a Domino's official. 

And this is how that panned out:

Well, he was quite angry with Domino's and decided to take to Facebook to show his displeasure: 

"So Domino's Pizza just went and wore the khakhee chaddi! They are not serving non veg pizzas in Navratra! Isn't this border line non-secular behavior or is it my tummy giving me a bad mood swing? Check out these pics of my chat with their helpline! "

Well, we guess the needs of a few trump the needs of many in this country. But seriously Domino's, why you do this to us?