Yup, you read that right -- Trump bragged about the size of his penis on national television during a debate among American presidential candidates.

It all started when Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio criticised Donald Trump for having small hands—and by extension, a small penis—this week. It was just another slingshot in the personal attacks that the two have been flinging at each other. 

Rubio said at the rally. “He's 6-feet, 2-inches, so why does he have the hands of someone who is five-two?” 

“And you know what they say about men with small hands,” added Rubio.

Of course, Trump could hardly let this go by, and brought it up on Thursday night’s GOP debate. The moderators asked Rubio why he resorted to personal attacks after he said he wouldn’t, and then asked Trump about the small hands comment.

So, Trump emphasised and guaranteed that “there’s no problem” down there.

And Twitter had a field day.