Social media has been lighting up with a smokin' new dessert that lets people breathe fog like smoke out of their mouths and nostrils.

Source: jeantrinh

The video uploaded by Now This, shows a dessert called 'Dragon Breath', which is invented by Chocolate Chair, a cafe in LA, that lets you breath like a dragon! But unlike the fire breathing dragon, the smoke is actually caused by liquid nitrogen. The ice cream balls are made up of cereal and are coated with liquid nitrogen. They are then tossed in a cup and diners are given big chopstick-like-toothpick to eat the ice cream. Diners can buy dipping sauce, like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, to add more flavor to the dessert. The dessert is so cold that, sometimes, the diners burn their tongues on the icy balls!

Source: pictigar

However, the dessert comes with a warning sign. Written in large bold letters, the sign says that liquid nitrogen can be dangerous and one should not touch or ingest it. The liquid nitrogen poured over the ice cream balls gets evaporated so it is safe to consume it, but one should not touch or ingest the nitrogen liquid settled at the bottom of the cup.

You have been warned.

Who's up for a scoop?