Durex, the condom brand, has been around for decades now. But what we love about it is that it continues to reinvent itself through its ads. If there is any brand which has been successful in talking about sex without objectifying women, it has to be Durex.

It's witty print and online advertisements are smart, funny and do the job perfectly! Here are some brilliant online and print campaigns by Durex which are a lesson in advertising for all other brands.  

1. For those who keep coming.

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2. Well.. They #GOT that right. 

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3. One of the greatest erections by a man!


4. Durex Dic-tionary!

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5. Condoms seem like a better investment.

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6. The one place you need to visit on every date.

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7. After all, coming is the most essential part.


8. For those emergencies.


9. Mind = Ballon!

Source: Dailybri


10. Some tremors can be good too!

Source: Adage


11. For them 'long' shooters. 

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12. That's how you showcase your grand size.

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13. The forbidden fruit. 

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14. Some serious advice on World Population Day 

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15. Because emotions can also flow out of control. 

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16. Just don't get caught. 

Source: Afaqs


17. KLPD!

Source: Pontofinal


17. On sex ratio survey day. 

Source: Pinterest


18. Scottish or not, every man's pride is hidden inside. 

Source: EpicAwards


19. Leave your mark. 

Source: Connery


20. The twist in destiny. 

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21. The pin of safety. 

Source: Adsoftheworld


22. Speed counts, but not in bed.

Source: Mobypicture


23. Prevent them from over shooting!

Source: Adsandtrends


24. There's only one winner here. 

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25. Always put on the belt before you go driving! 

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26. A flavored condom a day, keeps unwanted pregnancies at bay. 

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27. Maybe they used a very effective brand back then? 

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28. Earth Day in Durex style. 

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29. So punny. 

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30. On the longest day (June 21st) you need to stay in longer.

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And that, my friends, is called brilliant advertising!