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Sep 05, 2016 at 19:54

Durex Launched A Baingan-Flavoured Condom & Everyone’s As Confused As You Are Right Now

by Sandeep Singh

Just a couple of months ago, Durex wanted WhatsApp to introduce a condom emoji to promote safe-sext. Today, taking one more (weird) step towards the same direction, the condom company  launched a new range of condoms.

Source: Twitter 


Yes, you read that right, eggplant flavoured condoms. Apparently, it is dedicated to the most popular emoji used for the penis (or as NCERT puts it 'male reproductive organ') while texting.

Source: Crikey


Fuck everything else, this guy pointed out the 'first things first'.

Source: Twitter


But, people were definitely excited too.

Source: Twitter


And then, there were some suggestions.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Then, someone wondered why would Durex come up with something like that.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Thankfully, this girl's tweet calmed down half of the internet.

Source: Twitter


Guys, now you have to be careful while using the hashtag 'Food Porn'.


So, now with Durex condoms, you can have safe and vegan sex at the same time.

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