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Apr 05, 2016 at 16:54

Guys, We’ve Been Eating Toblerone The Wrong Way All Our Lives!

by SW Staff

Everyone loves and swears by Toblerone, the triangle hillock shaped chocolate bars that every "chacha-mama" gets from Europe. Available in a variety of sizes; right from pocket-sized to the thick-ass bar, Toblerone is something that we've all indulged in.

Source: Holla


But eating it gets a tad bit irksome, possibly because one's hands get covered in chocolate trying to break the pieces off.


What if I told you, you've been eating Toblerone the wrong way, all your life!?

Yes, Toblerone is designed the way it is designed, for a reason....

Source: Ymua


The right way to separate the pieces is by using the thumb and pushing the top of the triangle down. 

Source: Daily Mail


Like this


My whole life was a lie! 

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