This is why your parents ask you to read the newspaper everyday. So you can come across these unforgettable gems. In a world full of grim tales, sometimes editors feel the need to humour us, intentionally or unintentionally. Haven't you come across a newspaper headline or a magazine layout that made you go, huh? Say what? We all make mistakes, and thank God for these guys who made these spectacular blunders, and gave us a reason to smile. 

1.  He can make you thin

Source: Viralalley

2. But it looked fine on print!

Source: Joe

3.  This is not the dictionary you should be referring to!

Source: Mandatory


4. The magazine is called 'Where', in case you needed to know.

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5. Or wait, is it?

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6. Oh Dear! 

Source: Reddit

7. LOL

Source: Huffpost

8. Talk about placement

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9. Russian can be tricky

10. Man-made disaster

Source: Hypervocal

11. Insert *four letter word*

Source: eamJimmyJoe

12. A cracker of a headline

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13. Shameless

Source: Twitter

14. Dark times

15. Bald and Beautiful

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16. Doesn't someone get paid to check this?

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17. Royal sorcery?!

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PS: This should serve as a healthy reminder for all the editors on how not to edit!