There is always something new that you can learn about your phone. The latest, is the hole somewhere around the camera lens and the flash. Ever noticed its existence? Ever wondered what it's there for? Thought it served some inexplicable purpose?

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Is it not a pet peeve to find out what certain things do and why they're there? In this case, it's not a button and neither is it part of the camera. It's a microphone, just not your ordinary microphone. What does it do then? There is an explanation for almost everything, if only you have the will to find out.

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The hole next to the camera on your phone is a noise cancelling microphone!

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Here's what's funny, companies have clearly pointed out the feature. It's been called the rear microphone. It's function however is not something that many may know about.

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Yes, you may now pass on the knowledge. Go! Go! Go!